Symbolistic White Walls

Shorts- Chicnova
Oversized Faux Leather Vest- H&M
Shoes- UNIF Lost Sole Boots (Dolls Kill)
Cat Eye Necklace- Glow Worm Shop

Indoors for a change. I shoot this look awhile back and totally thought I had lost them then they suddenly appeared. New York is definitely too cold right now to wear this shorts no matter how cute they are however, with that been said, these shorts are the softest and ridiculously the most comfortable shorts I know. I got them from Chicnova and I just want to wear it everyday but I have to wait until I get to Jamaica in a couple weeks where its much more warmer. This look is my typical all black ensemble, with a loose tee slightly tucked into my shorts with a faux leather jacket, my oversized vest, sheer stockings and of course, comfy grunge inspired boots. I love playing with layering and mixing different weights of fabric is just perfection in my eyes because it tends to bring a lot more interest to an outfit and gives a look more depth and volume.

Style ALIEN *_*

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