The Sky Is Getting Brighter...The Stars Are Burning Out

Turtleneck Cropped Top- American Apparel / Sheer Floral Pants- Vintage / Oversized Knitted Cardigan- Thifted / Floppy Hat- American Apparel / Deandri Archie Oxfords- Karmaloop / Black O-ring- Aeon-Leather / Evil Eye Knuckle Ring- Vida Kush / Peace Bracelet- Street Fair

So a reader asked me on tumblr if I were to interpret yesterday's post (Pocket Full Of Sunshine) in another way how would I have done it differently. So since I love a challenge, I decided I'd re-interpret yesterday's post. If I were to choose between this post and the previous, I'd say I'm completely in love with this post more since it's more of the outfit I'd wear on a regular basis during the Spring/Summer. It has a bit of a bohemian vibe with a little grunge style blended somewhere beneath it all. I wore this sheer floral pants that is literally the most laid-back and comfortable flowy pants ever that I use to wear a lot when I was back in Jamaica but recently resurfaced in my closet. A fun fact about me that I don't think you'd know until now is that I use to has an unimaginable obsession with every and anything that had a floral print on it so because of that, I own sooo many clothing pieces with florals. My obsession for it died down a whole lot but it's fun that I can wear these pieces once in awhile especially for the Spring. Since the pants was high waisted, I thought it would only be natural for me to pair it with my black turtleneck cropped top, just to play with proportion a little. Throw on my Deandri oxfords that I've been wearing a lot now and the perfect floppy hat, and my outfit was complete :) I really like whenever I receive feedback on my post or suggestion so feel free to comment away.

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  1. I loove your skirt ;) You have a great blog, would you like to follow each other? ;)


  2. I followed you on GFC and Bloglovin Dear ;)

  3. How do you come up with the title for your blog posts?
    - Nyatali

  4. usually based on the song lyrics I listen to in the morning when I get ready or a quote or lyrics of that best relates to the post :)