The Thrill

Shoes- Zara
Varsity Jacket- Forever 21
White Jumper- Vintage

It's been so snowy and gross in New York all week, and sadly that's had an adverse effect on my mood since all I really want to do on a snow day is stay in bed and watch my favourite tv shows. However, I decided to whip up a full black and white ensemble inspired by these lovely boots from Zara. From the very moment I saw these shoes, it was pretty much heaven sent. They're a much cheaper version to the Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boots (here), I still find the one from Zara very appealing and unique in itself. Though I'm pretty much wearing a mini skirt in this post, I actually wore a ton of layer that day so surprisingly, I got away with wearing a skirt in the cold and was perfectly warm. I know I'm going to have so much fun styling these shoes because I can already think of so many items in my closet right now that would pair perfectly with the killer shoes. 

Style Alien *_*


  1. You look fab! I love it!!
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  2. looove your outfit! and the second i saw yoour boots. my heart stopped for a thousand beats. stay warm there were freakin icicles on my trees yesterday....cant wait for spring in all honesty.