Paint A Picture Of A Perfect Place

Cape- H&M
Shorts- Zara
Top- Nasty Gal
Blazer- Vintage
Necklace & Earring- Nasty Gal

Sunny but still a cold day. When I had put this look together, I never really thought that this slightly odd tobacco brown colour would pair well against the pale pink of my top. It's not quite the colour palette that I'd wear on a regular basis however, I think the combination of the two came out quite lovely. I've had this blazer for such a long time and it suddenly reappeared in my closet out of nowhere so, naturally I had to put it to good use and layering it under a big coat...or like in this post where I layered in under a black cape. It's friday and I'm so happy this stressful week of classes is finally over so I can relax and rejuvenate for this weekend...maybe visit a few galleries around the area. I wish you all a great weekend and thanks so much for all the positive comments!

Style ALIEN *_*

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