Dress- Motel Rocks
Kimono- Vintage
Dolman Coat- H&M
Biker Jacket- Nasty Gal

Wearing loads of layers today on the blog. It isn't getting any warmer here in NY so I have to constantly come up with new creative ways to styling from my wardrobe and still be able to feel warm and comfortable.... this look is an example of that. I believe I featured this beautiful dress from Motel about a few months ago but back then, it was pretty warm and sunny so I thought I'd rework the styling and incorporate it in a more Winter inspired look. I don't think I can quite remember how many layers I was wearing, I just know that I had around two thermal blouse and a high collared blouse underneath the dress. Along with those, I wore my favourite boho fringe kimono that doesn't quite play a role in me being warm but just added an extra touch of a bohemian/rocker vibe.  Of course a biker jacket would have been in the mix of it all and this perfect one from Nasty Gal did just the trick. I didn't really go too hardcore on accessorizing mainly because there was already so many element in the look already.
I had a very relaxing weekend just sketching and getting some work done, I hope you all had a great weekend as well. Thanks for visiting my blog, I have lots of looks coming up this week so stay tuned for those.

Style ALIEN *_*

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