Paris Dreams

Eiffel Tower Print Sweatshirt- ROMWE
Dress- Nasty Gal
Socks- Nasty Gal
Shoes- Scully Platforms (Envishoes)

This is pretty much my take on "Christmas Sweater" ha. I know I've pretty much featured a whole lot of printed sweatshirts here on my blog but what can I say? I love them! Romwe literally makes the best sweatshirts. This one that I'm wearing has a close up view of the eiffel tower in Paris with which I'd love to see one day...I hope whatever job I get in the industry can lead me to traveling to Paris.  I love pairing my sweatshirts with a collar top or dress, just to give that extra detail and to add layer. For this look, I went for a bit of an ethereal 'winter white' inspired look with my white chiffon dress. To top off the look, I wore  my scully platform which I'm warming up to loving a lot more because they look super cute when worn with socks. 
I know I haven't been posting regularly lately, but I've been really busy with finals and having a bunch of sleepless nights so I pretty much get really lazy and too tired to blog, but after next week I'll be completely free!  Have a great day.

Style Alien *_*

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