Knit Sweater- Similar
Skirt- Similar
Shoes- Lost Sole Boots (UNIF)
Eagle Necklace- Nasty Gal

I'm usually never the person to wear colours light green, yellow or orange...I just always thought there were just weird colours that would never work into my closet. However, this emerald green sweater from H&M is such an exception. The pictures don't nearly do this sweater justice because up close and personal, it looks very metallic with a very rich and vibrate emerald green colour. I decided to accessorize with gold accents in jewelry, with the exception of my shoes that had a couple silver studs on them but who cares? its 2013...gone are the days when pairing gold and silver was a huge no no. 
I wore this sweater with a black and white striped collared top, flared velvet skirt and some opaque tights. This is a very familiar combination that I wear a whole lot with little tweaks here and there. It's comfortable, easy and can be wore for several different occasions.

Style ALIEN *_*

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