Burning Bridges Down...Set Me On Fire

Francis Dress- UNIF (Dolls Kill)
Shoes- To Be Announced (Solestruck)

Yesterday I was in Emerald green, today its all about this knitted dress in a colour rarely seen, tobacco brown. I bought this dress during the black friday sales and I'm not quite sure why I chose this colour over black but, I somehow thought seen it was such a specific and unique colour that I should just take the change with it. Completely satisfied with my decision because I'm so in love with this dress. It's super cozy and the shredded/destroyed detailing at the hemline, takes it to another level. I wore black shorts underneath since it's pretty much Winter here in New York. I'm not sure what it is about the day after a snow day because it wasn't really cold at all...just lots of snow covering everywhere, and clearly the rooftop of my apartment was also covered in snow. For shoes, I wore my current favourite shoe called Gracie by To Be Announced and I remember purchasing a pair of shoes from them earlier this year and ended up returning them like a week after because it was made so poorly, but this time they blew me after this this little number with fringe and gold detailing.

Style ALIEN *_*

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