A Wind In The Shadow

Loving light/cool grey palettes a lot more recently

Turtleneck Sweater - H&M
Blue Faux Leather Jacket- Forever 21
Shoes- Scully Platform (Envishoes)

Some about the fall/winter season makes me want to wear a lot of whites and light greys, and I'm not complaining because I absolutely love fresh and calm I look and feel when wearing these colours. I'm not quite sure if the dress I'm wearing is meant to be a top or dress because it fits me like a dress without heels, but as soon as I strap my heels on I have to wear a shorts underneath so I don't peek-a-boo anyone. I love how cozy and fuzzy the sweater dress is and it's pretty versatile, as I'm able to pair it with many things. For this look, I wore it with a dark stockings, light grey socks and one of the newest addition to my shoe family. To be honest, on a scale of 1-10, the comfortability of this shoes is like a 5...no joke. It's like the evil step sister to the mulder platforms, which you've probably seen me wear a few times here on my blog. However, I must say that the design and look of this shoes is perfect and somehow reminds me of like a school girl gone bad. I got them during the Black Friday sale along with some other cool stuff at some really great prices!
I have so much going on with finals week and running around to try and get everything finish and submitted on time. I'll still try my best to post daily and consistently as much as I can for the next two weeks.

Style ALIEN *_*

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  1. That Sweat ! ! I love it. I love how you style your Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

    RLW_xo : )