The Hero In Me

Super Hero Muscle Tee- Milky Way Clothing (Necessary Clothing)
Striped Overall- No Boundaries
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane (Karmaloop)
Sunglasses- Zero UV
DIY Cloth Cuff Bracelet- From Scraps of Last Post

This is a look I wore while I was pretty much having a picnic at Central Park. It was so sunny and beautiful outside that there was no way I would stay inside my apartment. I wanted to capture that feeling of a throwback camping picture with a little bit of my spin to it. I wore this amazing muscle tee with a graphic super hero comic, I thought it was so clever and a perfect piece to mix and match. So, I went along with pairing it with a vintage striped overall which was actually way too big for me but I kinda just made it work and rolled the hem up because it was way too cool for me not to wear. I love how when I style these overall and muscle tee, that I instantly thought of this very retro sunglasses from none other than Zero UV.  It added a nice element in complimenting the outfit and tying everything together into the perfect Summer / Picnic outfit. I have so much more outfits to share this week so look out for that and thank you for visiting.

Style ALIEN *_*

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