When In The Garden Do As The Floral Ninja's Do

Black Cold Shoulder Crop Top- Necessary Clothing
Purple Floral Jumper Top- Paper + Tee
Ankle Length Pant- Thrifted
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots (Karmaloop)
Fork Necklace- Similar

Never would I have thought that I would ever wear this floral print top again, mainly because I grew out of my obsession for floral prints. However, somehow this top kept sticking out in my closet...sort of begging me to style it so I went ahead and gave it a shot. As the title of this post says, it's exactly how I felt while wearing this outfit, like a floral ninja. I went along with my usual all black look and used the bright purple shades as my pop colour and to brighten up the look a bit. I wore this look to my  internship and I knew I'd be running around a lot so, I hung on to my coltrane boots as a safe haven more for the comfort rather considering if it went well with the whole outfit. Honestly, at this point I think it's safe to say that my coltrane boots are magical, because it literally goes with everything I put beside it and trust me...I'm not complaining because it's the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. The most interesting part of this outfit to me is the way the cut out of the black top at the back forms a cool interesting shape with the floral top. I also love how the floral top is pretty much like an impressionist painting and has these cool brush strokes that isn't the usual "in your face look at me I'm a floral top", which is a breathe of fresh air for me. Feel free to comment, I love to hear feedbacks! :)

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