Daylight Creatures

Sheer Embroidered Top- H&M
Cheetah Print Sheer Hi-Lo Top- Forever 21
Necklace- Glowwormshop

Wasn't quite planning on sharing this look that I wore long before it got so cold in New York. However, I thought there was  something a bit special about the mixture of different elements in this look that I love so I decided on just sharing it last minute. I really love the way the embroidered textured of the top it placed along the arms and down the torso...it makes this look very interesting since it could have easily been a plain all black look. I actually cut the sleeves off the cheetah print top and basically turning it into a vest so that the beauty of the top underneath could show through.  Any who, it's snowing in New York right now, which is ridiculous because its just early November! I'm definitely not looking forward to this Winter ugh. Later on in November or December, I'll try to do some Winter inspired looks depending on what the weather is like.

Style ALIEN *_*

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