Sweet Escape

Top, Trousers and Beanie- Zara
Acid Wash Denim Jacket- Thrift
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell (Edge Of Urge)

This post basically shows how much of a clue I don't have when it comes figuring out what to do with my hair. It's either I let it all out with a hat/beanie or I'll have it in a big mess top bun. For this look, I actually started out with wearing this beautiful light grey beanie, but it was extremely windy when I took these photos and the beanie wouldn't stay on my head no matter how much I tried. I'm not quite the person who usually wear body hugging tops because I tend to prefer my top be loose and free on my body. However, I have to say as of lately I've been splurging in Zara knitted tops a whole lot because they're literally the most comfortable thing to wear for this fall/winter season and if you're neutral coloured tops they are the perfect place to get it from.
Since I wore a body hugging top, it's only fair that I brought some type of balance to the overall look by wearing a a slightly baggy tailored trouser. I then threw on my oversized denim jacket to give a little depth and of course keep me warm. This is the kind of outfit that's perfect for days when you don't want to dress up too much but still want to be well dressed and presentable.