Jumper- Similar
Boots- H&M
Concho Hat- Similar

I've been literally searching high and low, with the aim of finding the perfect concho hat...and I eventually did but it was way too expensive for me. Originally, I wanted the UNIF concho hat (here) but once I saw that price was like the cost of two of my hats then I just decided to wait until it either went on sale or just give up looking overall. Lucky for me, I somehow got myself onto the Forever 21 page and happen to find a concho hat there, which unfortunately is now sold out. I paired this lovely hat with a oversized cowl neck sweater that was actually given to me by my sister  before I came back from Jamaica in the summer. I've been dying for it to be cold enough for me to wear it because it pretty thick but surely keeps you warm. 
I think I've posted me wearing pants three times in a row for like the first time ha. Yes, it has gotten so cold in New York that all I can do is wear pants and knitted sweaters. I even wore a coat over the jumper in this post but ended up leaving that one out of the post. 

Style ALIEN *_*

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  1. omg i need one of those hats they are so warm and stylish