Every Siren Is A Symphony

Layering with a white dress shirt, faux leather moto jacket and a royal blue drop shoulder coat. 

Moto Jacket- Forever 21
Coat- H&M
Shorts- Zara
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell (Tilted Sole)

Super surprised by the comfort and quality of the faux leather moto jacket from Forever 21. I know many people have great opinions on shopping at Forever 21, and a lot of those opinions aren't necessarily positive. I never quite addressed this here on my blog before, mainly because I find it trivial and pointless to have a back and forth discussion about Forever 21. However, I will say...I've been a customer for years there, way before I became a blogger and they've really come a lot way in terms of improving the quality of there clothes and yes, it's all fast fashion but it's also very affordable. 
Anyways, I scooped this jacket up about a month ago and have been wearing it non stop ever since. It's literally become apart of my skin! I have tons of a black faux leather jackets so, naturally once I laid eyes on this babe, it's almost instinctive for me to experiment with a new color of moto jackets. They also sell them in five other colours but I blue is very bold and makes a much better statement in my eyes. For a very polished attire, I wore a white dress skirt tucked in tailored shorts with opaque textured stockings.  I'm loving this combination because it's very rocker-esque but still a very classic polished look.
Have a great weekend  

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