Let The Sound Be The Overflow

Coral Top- Vintage
Full Moon Sheer Hi-Lo Top- Forever 21
Pants- Shop Style
Shoes- Deandri Hansel (Solestruck)
O-ring- Aeon Leather

So I woke up one morning at thought to myself, why haven't I made a shoot inspired by my beautiful Chinese divider in my apartment so I quickly thought of a really easy outfit to put together and it was a match made in heaven when I realized my full moon top was the hybrid of the amazing river/forest scenery of the Chinese divider.  I really am in love with the way this post came out, it gives a very peaceful yet rocker kind of vibe which is kind of what my personality is. I love putting together outfit that are two complete opposites, and sort of just mold it into whatever I want it to be. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I have a lot more new stuff coming to my blog this week and a possible GIVEAWAY so please stay tuned for that!


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