Scrape The Sky

Ribbed Sweater- H&M
Shorts- Zara
Crochet Cardigan- Romwe
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Mulder Platforms (MissKL)

Sweater days are the best! It was pretty windy and the moment definitely called for the perfect pull over sweater and dark stockings. I remember buying this sweater the beginning of fall last year and I would wear it literally everyday because its just a really great simplistic sweater that is pretty much easy to dress up or down. For this post, I combined it with black for a cool clean look yet, still edgy enough. The crochet cardigan I'm wearing was actually a blouse two days before I decided to cut straight down the middle to turn it into a cardigan. I think I prefer it this way because I'm able to pair it with many things and it really adds a good layering element. As for the shoes, Jeffrey Campbell out did themselves this time! This shoes was actually on my birthday wish list but I decided to just buy it for myself since missal had a huge sale recently on there site. I love it so much! it's like a modern version of a classic 90's boots and the style of it with the gripped soles is pure perfection. I will say, it's not a shoes you'd want to wear as a first timer to heels because unlike my other platforms its it comes all the way up to my ankles, which makes it a little difficult to walk in if you don't have good balance. 

Style ALIEN *_*

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