Grey Day

Kimono- H&M
Shoes Archie Oxfords from Deandri

Just a giving a quick update on a look I wore sometime during the week after a long day of classes. The weather was very misty and cloudy at 11:00 am it looked like 5 am, which I thought was very strange....New York weather is so unpredictable and weird. Anyways, I wore the quickest look that I could pull together since I had to wake up early for my classes and the best thing to drag out of my closet during those crunch times is a classic grayscale look. To add a little more light layering to the mix, I wore my fringe kimono that I'm so in love with from H&M and as expected, I could help but play and shimmy with the tasseled fringe all day hahaha. I'm actually getting into wearing more of my other jewelry a lot more lately because I got so caught up in consistently wearing my tattoo choker and any choker as a matter of fact. I love all my chokers and would wear them all the days of my life but as a result of that I've neglected all my other really great jewelry pieces. So, the necklace Im wearing in this post is actually from this vintage jewelry store I use to go to all the time back home in Jamaica where I'd splurge into buying unique jewelry pieces. I just love the way this particular necklae is constructed and the rusted silver makes it vintage perfection!

Style ALIEN *_*

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