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Cardigan- Necessary Clothing
Shoe- Jeffrey Campbell Teeter

Compared to yesterday's look...today's post is a lot different. For today's look, I'm pretty much looking like a "grunge school girl who's secretly a badass witch" haha. I mixed both new and vintage pieces together that was able to bring this entire look alive. The lace top I'm wearing, use to be one of my ultimate 'go-to' tops back in 2008 I just loved the sheering details across the the shoulder and along the hem line, making it sort of like a pleasant top. Though I don't usually fancy this type of silhouette in a blouse, something about this one seems much more pleasing to me and adding that sheer sleeve layering underneath just gives it that grungy vibe. The plaid skirt I'm wearing is actually one that I've shared here on the blog already (here) but as you can see, I ended up cutting up shorter into a mini skirt. I decided to cut it because it was at an awkward length which caused me to stay away from styling it for a very long time but I love the length now and it allows me to get that knee high fall look going. Hope you like today's post..feel free to comment down below and tell me what you think.

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  1. I really love the jewellery your wearing in this outfit. Especially the dolphin bracelet. Lovely x