As The Autumn Wind Blows...

A mixture of hard and soft elements to create a comfortable inspired men's wear look.

I'm back to wearing my favourite accessory, my O-ring!

The perfect oversized knit cardigan to keep me warm for chilly days.

Top- French Connection UK
Pants- Zara
Deandri Archie Oxfords- Deandri  or Karmaloop

Today's I'm showing how I combined the soft feminine pieces to create a men's wear inspired look that is perfect for going just about anywhere....in my case, I was heading to classes. All I wanted was to wear was something that could easily be a slouchy look, yet still pulled together enough to get me through the day. I've been channeling this kind of styling a lot late because it's a really comfortable and effortless look, which are two major elements I've been considering a lot since starting back school. I'm finally back to wearing my o-ring and I couldn't be more satisfied...I had stopped wearing it in the summer because it was just too much in terms of it being around my neck during the extremely hot summer days so, since New York is pretty much back into the full swing of cool fall breeze, I'm never gonna really take this o-ring off! hahaha. I decided that pairing this look with my archie oxfords and ankle socks showing just the right amount of leg peaking out, will definitely bring my men's wear inspired look to life...plus! they're super cute <3 Don't forget you can keep up with my real time updates by following me on Instagram @marfarlane

Style ALIEN *_*

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