Castle Lights

Castle Light All-Over Printe Sweatshirt- Romwe
Shorts- Nasty Gal
Shoes- Primus Blackbox by Jeffrey Campbell
Hazel Eye Necklace- Glowwormshop

Just a quick update on the kind of look I've been wearing a lot these past few days. It's getting much colder here in New York so I've been wearing a lot of sweatshirts over sheered long sleeved collared tops to keep me warm enough. I'm yet to start putting on any heavy weight pants to cover my legs because for one, it's not that extremely cold and two, I prefer wearing shorts, skirts or dresses any day over pants. So, for this look I wore my usually stockings with a black shorts and slipped on my newly found favourite pair of shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. These shoes took me like a day to break-in and is super comfy, yet gives me that oh so great grunge look that I seemingly always do. Anyways, I'm off to a busy days so enjoy yours!

Style ALIEN *_*