Tell Me Who Your Friends Are...

Top- Vintage
Shorts- Nasty Gal
"Born To Be Bad" Dress- Choies
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane
Necklace- Glow Worm Shop

Just a quick post just to update you all a little. This "Born to be bad" dress is actually very similar to the dress I wore in one of my previous post, (Bulletproof). The difference is that, the one I'm wearing in this post is of a much lighter weight with a more downtown girl street style vibe. My style has been evolving a lot more recently...I love my very grungy looks and I'm slowing falling back into full on grunge post now that the Fall season is approaching, but I like to change things up sometimes and just experiment. I didn't want to just wear this dress as is by itself, so I layered it up with one of my vintage sleeveless tops tucked into a high waisted faux leather shorts that I've honestly been wanting to wear for awhile but, it always seemed a little raunchy to me for some reason. I took this opportunity to wear it with this whole ensemble because I had the help of the dress to sort of cover up the butt area, giving that classic"peek-a-boo" vibe. I'm going through a little transition with one of my camera equipment so I'm really sorry for the not so good quality! Anyways, I'm off to a very packed day so enjoy your weekend!

Style ALIEN *_*

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  1. Amazing look! Your dress and bracelet are gorgeous!