High Neck Crop- American Apparel
Distressed Denim Mini Dress- Choies
Shoes- Deandri White Tequilas (Solestruck)

Some days I wake up feeling carefree and want to wear as less clothes as I can without looking sleazy and the day I wore this look was exactly how I felt. I got this really cook cold should denim dress from an online store called choies and I literally didn't want to take it off at all! What I loved most about it was the fact that it had all these frayed edges of the denim which definitely helped to make this look a little more grunge and edgy. I thought about adding a more pop colour underneath the denim instead of the black but I really wanted the beauty of this dress to shine through. To add to this very light palette, I wore my white Deandri tequilas and paired them with cute white socks, which went perfectly the the whole look. Anyways, New York fashion week is right around the corner and I really can't wait to go for the third time since being in New York....I'll try my best to document while I'm there and share them with you here on my blog. Don't forget you can also get real time updates by following me on Instagram @marfarlane. Have a great week!

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