Colour Blind

Shorts- Jason WU
Shoes- Deandri Tequila (Solestruck)
Felt Cap with Ears- Zara

There's always something so classic and beautiful about black and white looks, and whenever I get the opportunity to style a black and white combination... I always get so excited to see the results. For this look, I've literally been dying to wear this white cropped top with the black sheer detailing for the longest time but I guess I was waiting for the the perfect timing. I paired this top with my  oversized suade shorts made by Jason WU, that I somehow haven't worn in a really long time, mainly because it's more of a fall piece and otherwise I'd probably be burning in the sun if I had worn it in the summer. I really love that it's cooling down a little here in New York (not too hot, not too cold), because I can finally get to wear a lot more of my hats and sheer stockings and funky printed socks. The hat I'm wearing is actually one of my favorites, it has these cute little ears that I think represents a cat? but those ears seem like it could be anything to me hahaha. I thought it would be really clever to incorporate the hat into this look because it adds that little extra detail that makes this outfit really interesting. I hope you enjoyed this look and thanks for visiting! have a great week.

Style ALIEN *_* 


  1. Those shoes <33 Perfectly styled outfit, I'm so helpless when it comes to hats and I feel like yours was a perfect addition to the outfit.

    -Stina | OGstina.blogspot.com

    1. thanks! I 'm also very helpless when it comes to hats... sometimes I have to like stop myself from wearing a hat everyday