Cropped Top- New Look
Black and White Varsity Jacket- Forever 21
Loose Fitting Trousers- Zara

About a week ago, I wore this slouchy/ semi casual outfit to school and somehow I forgot to share it here on my blog. I first have to say that I was never really a big fan of varsity jackets at all...I thought they were too much of a trend that I didn't want to fall victim of so, I tried my best to stay away from it. However, about a month ago a stumbled upon this black and white varsity jacket with the letter 'M' in caps sewn onto it. Naturally, I'm going to gravitate to it because my name starts with M and how much more cheesy could I have gone than wearing something with my initials plastered on it hahaha. Oh well, I couldn't help myself, so ended up getting the jacket and I really don't regret it one bit now because it has come in handy so many ways. The first look I wore it with was actually the one in this post...I paired it with  one of my favourite crop tops that you probably recognize, with all the egyptian symbols, and went with a very slouchy look for a change. I bought these pants at Zara, not knowing that I'd end up liking it so much but, I have to say they are extremely comfortable and well made. It have a really cool pleated detail at the front and I love the fact that it's a little baggy because it helps to balance out the fact that I'm wearing a more tight fitting cropped top. Aside from the fact it's a black and white look, I love that sort of downtown girl vibe that this look possesses.

Style ALIEN *_*


  1. Love the slouchy, almost mens wear look of this outfit (especially with those oxfords<3). It does balance out very nice with a tight crop top. I'm so guilty of falling for the varsity jacket trend but it's just so convenient for most of my outfits, sometimes it looks like I meant to style it in there when I really just grabbed it because it was cold, woops haha.

    1. that's exactly how I feel about varsity jackets! thanks for your input <3