The Love I Grew Upon

Jumpsuit- Forever 21
Necklace- Tilly's
Rings- Vintage

This is last post I took while in Jamaica last week..I chose to wear something completely different from what I'm use to. A jumpsuit! this is literally the first jumpsuit I've ever worn mainly because I can never find any that fits my body perfectly. There was still some imperfections with this one that I'm wearing because it was just wayy too long and sort of dragged on the floor but I didn't really care about that too much mainly because I was on vacation and the print of the suit itself is just plain gorgeous.
The part which I love the most is the cut out details of the back, it really gives this jumpsuit a nice touch since the construction design at the front is pretty simplistic. I added a touch of silver jewelry as accents to this overall look and flat sandals for a nice stroll around the area.
If I were to wear this jumpsuit again here in New York, I definitely need to adjust the length or I'd probably trip over somebody in the streets and I'd also pull my hair back into a neat ponytail. 

I'm glad I took this short trip back home because it had really opened my eyes to finally let go of situations that I had no control over and it's part of the reason I've been in a funk in terms of shooting looks. However, I'm back to shooting again in New York, and I have lots of looks coming up very soon so stay tuned for that.

Style ALIEN *_*

Photos taken by Knakia Boreland