Horizontal Striped Shift Dress- Vintage
Shoes- T.U.K Creepers (Journeys)
Knee High Stockings- H & M
Oversized Knit Cardigan- A.N.A Clothing
Necklace- Jamaica

Horizontal stripes are said to be a big no no when it comes to clothes, because it makes you look bigger than you actually are. However, I really don't care what the fashion gods say... because I absolutely love this dress! First thing, it reminds me so much of a very Tim Burton type of character...dark, corky and mysterious. It was a little windy when I wore this look so what better way to keep warm than to wear my oversized knit cardigan, its so comfy and has a nice bohemian quality to it, which I really love. I wanted to make this look very "Grunge Playful", by adding knee high stockings and pops of color in my jewelry choices. Even though this look has a very 60s boxy shift kind of vibe going on, I really don't mind because I sometimes love when my clothes are very loose fitting and allows me the breathe and move around easily. Thanks for visiting and have a lovely week.

Style ALIEN *_*

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