Gradient Clouds On A Summer Day

Black and White Blouse- Forever 21
Ombre Overall- REHAB Clothing
Necklace- Thrifted

I'm pretty much obsessed with this look mainly because I'm in love with the ombre effect of the overalls and it was the perfect sunny day. I wanted to play on a casual look, something that was very easy to wear and comfortable yet, dressed up enough for maybe a lunch date. I never thought I'd actually like the idea of pairing a very laid back denim overall with a more formal long sleeved blouse but, the juxtaposition between the two are ridiculously great! I could also see this overall being worn with like a white high neck cropped or a graphic muscle tee, which I'm usually always wearing. For my shoe choice, I went a little different than my usual 6 inch madness and opted for the choice of wearing flats...shocker. I thought that just wearing the flats only was too much leg skin without a purpose so, I wore the black socks which added just the right amount of leg skin and it also helped in pulling the outfit together. 

Style ALIEN *_*


  1. Looking amazing like always :)

    xoxo Gozika