Deep In My Scarecrow Dreams

Striped Tank- Vintage
Long Sleeve Sheer Blouse- Forever 21
High Waisted Corduroy Pants- Uniqlo
Sunglasses- Zero UV
Belt- Vintage

I went digging and poking around my closet and found this green corduroy pants which I totally forgot about because it somehow got lost while I was moving but thankfully some of my stuff are beginning to resurface slowly. I really wanted to build a comfortable vintage vibe in this outfit but in a simplistic way. I absolutely loved how the dark green pant went so well against this black and white striped tank. The tank I'm wearing is actually one of the pieces I've probably had the longest in my closest for and I decided to layer it on top of my black high neck cropped top so that I wouldn't have to deal with boobies flashing everywhere.  I added the long sleeved blouse as a sheer detail and treated it more like a light weight sheer jacket which is good for the summer time if you want to wear a jacket but not get sweaty and hot. It's really cool how the pale nude tone of the blouse brought a pop to the black and white stripes of the tank and complimented the pant so well. There is something about high waisted pants that I will always have a soft spot for, and I mostly love when it's styled in an effortless and simplistic way. I've had to improvise and do a lot more experimenting with my styling lately because only I would shrink all my clothes in the dryer! hahaha, but no worries I think I have it all figure out. Maybe.

*_* Style ALIEN