Sun Of A Gun

Top- Vintage
Baroque Inspired Shorts- Made by me
Long Sleeved Blouse- Thrifted
Shoes- T.U.K Creepers (Journeys)

I know you're probably wondering why I've been wearing the same three pairs of shoes so often in my blog posts but, that's really because I go to my internship in the days and they are the most reasonable shoes to wear since I'm always running around and my usual 6 inch platforms aren't exactly ideal. I plan to change it up a whole lot very soon and maybe retire my creepers and coltrane boots for a long time because, slowly I'm sort of getting tired of them. Regardless of that, I have to say... I'm in love with this look! I think the idea of mixing two totally different prints is really interesting and adds a nice quirky touch to an outfit. I would usually never wear my school projects at all but I fell in love with the baroque print of the fabric which I eventually made into a pant for my sewing class. I hated the style of the pants we had to wear, it was kind of a bell bottom and had the weirdest fit ever...so I chopped off all the leg area so I could wear it as a shorts which is perfect for summer time. I wish I had a valid reason why I paired these two specific prints together but I simply just winged it and crossed my fingers that they would go well. I added the touch of teal with the blouse overlay, as a way of bringing out the colours of the top and shorts. I have tons of new stuff coming to my blog very soon so, please come back and check it out. Have a great weekend!

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