Petals and Alien In Rain

Black Petal Sleeve Top- Thrifted
Circle Skirt- Necessary Clothing
Embroidered Collar Sheer Top- Forever 21
Lion Necklace- Similar

I hate that the weather in New York has been so unpredictable...its bright and sunny one minute and the next, I find myself stuck in the rain snapping last minute blog pictures. While shooting, the rain came down from no where and my only shelter was this small platform at a pre school! hahaha I just went along with it but, most of the pictures got ruined so the photographs above are the lucky few that survived. My favourite part about this outfit has to be the pairing of the lace socks with my Easy Spirit flats, its so quirky and gives the shoes a lot more interest than just wearing it with bare skin. I have no idea wear I got these socks but whenever I find out where, I'm buy 10 more pairs in all different colours because it is the cutest socks ever and it's also really great quality. I styled my footwear with a mixture of dark elements and a pop of color, which is something I've been doing a lot lately just to give my outfit a much brighter look. I like how I'm sort of turning slowly into a mini pastel grunge, with all the pops of girly colours here and there. I'm so happy it's the weekend and I can't wait to relax and do nothing hahaha...live the summer life. 

Style ALIEN *_*