Fresh, classic summer vibing for today's blog post. 

Shorts- Forever 21
Oversized Vest- H&M
Shoes- Scully Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell
Jewelry- All from Jamaica

All Summer long, I've been living in loose fitting lightweight shorts..these just make things a lot easier in terms of walking around in the scorching sun and they are perfect for numerous occasions. 
These ones that I'm wearing, I scored at Forever 21…they have this nice bohemian aesthetic to them that I really love and I knew I had to get it once I saw it. It's really one of those pieces that I can keep in my closet for other Summer seasons and it'll still be fresh and timeless. 

I really wanted this look to be clean and slightly simplistic so I paired the shorts with a basic cropped tank top and threw on this awesome oversized vest over the everything to tie the look together. I'm literally obsessed with this vest, I call it the "the lab vest" hahaha but it's just clean, refreshing and a classic style that can be style with so many things in my closet right now! Of course, I somehow had to incorporate my platforms into this look…I really haven't been wearing a lot of heals all Summer because I'm always on my feet running around for my internship and on weekends I rather opted for a nice pair of short heeled boots to not put any pressure on my ankles. This day ways an exception because I was heading out to brunch at this really nice place in DUMBO, brooklyn and I thought why not dress up and be a little fancy yet simplistic?! 

Anywhos, I hope you liked this look for today and don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below, I read ever single one of them and I'm really thankfully for those who come here on my blog to take time and read I appreciate it! 

Style ALIEN *_*

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  1. Wow we have very similar styles. I have an outfit almost exactly like that except it's a thick knitted long vest and the outfit is around the beige/brown hues. Your blog is so cool!!!!! Keep it up :D I hate being anon but I'm just too lazy to login lol