Space Between The Crave

One of the rare moments when I suddenly decide to wear lots of colours. 

Romper- Necessary Clothing
Boots- UNIF
Necklace- Vintage

Clusters of florals, something new that I've never quite worn before or have ever really been too fond of. This romper was one of those life saving pieces in my closet...on the day I wore this look,  the scorching sun in NY seemed unbearable and because of the sheer, super lightweight qualities of this romper I was able to frolic around without melting to my death.

Sometimes I like to allow myself to wear something out of the blue that I usually wouldn't and surprizingly for this look, I loved how this look came out. I decided to add a touch of turquoise jewelry to compliment the feminine qualities of the romper and opted for chunky boots for a more casual daytime look.

Style ALIEN *_*

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  1. Great outfit!

    Madison Martine