Where The Lines Overlap

Multi Festive Cardigan- Mystique Boutique NYC
Wine Red Velvet Skirt- Forever 21
Hyatt Iridescent Ankle Booties- Jeffrey Campbell (Edge Of Urge)

So I think it's pretty clear that my obsession with velvet is not nearly close to dying anytime soon...maybe never. For this look, I basically took what would be a very simplistic and classic look, with the sleeveless black high neck crop top and velvet skirt, but later added this crazy geometric cardigan to create a more bold 'stand-out' appearance. I actually wore this outfit yesterday and it kept me warm and comfortable all day while I was in classes. The weather is pretty up and down here in New York so at some time in the day it will get really cold or piercing hot! so it gets a little challenging in terms of figuring out what to wear. However,  what was so convenient with this outfit is that, I was able to take off the cardigan whenever it was a little too hot for an oversized knit and when I got in classes with the air conditioner blasted to the highest level, I could just grab for the cardigan to keep me warm. The wine red velvet with the bright neon green and black sleeves of the cardigan makes this entire outfit really powerful and striking....surprizingly, I never thought those two colours would go together. I also wore my favourite ankle boots with this whole ensemble because I thought it would be nice to work in the iridescent colours of the booties, instead of going with plain black platforms. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this look and have a great weekend!

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