Chain Reaction

Evil Barbie Cropped Top- Dolls Kill
UNIF Grail Platforms- Dolls Kill
Braided Fringe Cardigan- Vintage

Black and white with silver accents, has practically become my uniform these past weeks. I'm not quite sure if you all are exhausted of seeing me in this combination but it's quite obvious I'm not getting over it any time soon hahaha... I just love it! I wore my evil barbie crop tee and overlayed it with a tight fitting high neck crop top to give it a different look because I didn't want to seem to repetitive with wearing just a plain tee. I paired this with my distressed mesh maxi skirt to give to more hardcore rocker appeal, with sheer stockings and knee high socks to give it more depth to the look...plus it was cold so that helped a little. Of course this look wouldn't be complete with the help of my platform babies which definitely gave it the edgy look that I was going for. It's almost the weekend and I couldn't be happier...this weekend was completely exhausting for me so I need to weekend to arrive so I can blow off some steam

Style ALIEN *_*

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