Top- New Look
Sunglasses- Zero UV

It's been a day since I've been back in New York and I'm missing home already. Today is the celebration of Independence day in Jamaica so what better way for me to celebrate on my blog than to post a look I took while visiting the National Heroes Park in Kingston, Jamaica. This crazy print mixture look was something I wore on a day out with my family and as crazy as it seems I love it. I never would have thought I'd like this juxtaposition between a loose fitting girly floral pant and a grunge Egyptian high neck top. I literally just went with how I was feeling and wore what made me happy. I paired this look with cute summer flats and one of my favourite cat-eye shades from Zero UV... overall I'm happy with the way this look turned out but feel free to let me know if you think this is a yay or nay. Look out for more post up coming of me back in NY this week. 

CONGRATULATIONS TO MARISSA POON ON WINNING THE QUAY AUSTRALIA SHADES!!! for all those who entered, thank you so much and don't worry! I have a lot more giveaways coming up in the future :)

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