Smells Like Teen Spirit

Dark Acid Skater Skirt- Nasty Gal
Oversized Acid Wash Denim Jacket- Thrift
Shoes- T.U.K Creepers (Journeys)

You all know how much I love my 90s grunge looks and even though my two previous posts were two different kind of styles , it just shows how mixed up and diverse my style can be. In this post, I'm wearing one of my newest thrift finds, which I can't seem to take off! This acid light washed denim jacket is my new found love and it's literally one of the most comfortable jackets I've ever owned. There is just something so special and cool about oversized jackets that you can just drown into but still look very cool and effortless. I also wore very loose fitting clothes with this jacket because during the summer, I don't like to feel my clothes sticking onto my body, so its either a loose graphic tee and shorts , a sheer light-weight top with a skater skirt or lightweight summer dresses here and there. For this look, I went with this really cool top from French Connection UK that I've had for sometime now but wasn't sure what I'd want to style it with because it's one of those tops that can be transitioned from day to night depending on what you choose to wear it with. The bead work that went into this top is amazing and really intricately placed and I think that's what attracted me the most to it. For some contrast I decided to add another acid wash tone into the outfit combination through my skirt but, I opted for a more darker tone so that the denim jacket could make the rest of the outfit pop.

Style ALIEN *_*