All The Colours We Aim For...Float Through My Head

Red Top- Unknown
Tribal Print Cardigan- Everly
Corduroy Pants- Uniqlo

This is a post capturing a more laid back casual look for me. I remember waking up not feeling like leaving my apartment but I had to go to my internship...therefore, I had to find something to wear. So I grabbed two extremely bright colours and collided them together to form this bold pop of color against the darkness of my pant. Sometimes I love to wear bold colours like red and as a bit of a change up palette to my outfits. It's kind of unexpected but I think that's what I like the most about it also, I really like the very Urban quality of this outfit which I give thanks to one of my favourite cardigans. I kept it pretty simple with the shoes by wearing flats and the excessive amount of jewelry I have on, is just a signature that I can't force myself out of. Hope this outfit was able to brighten up your day and thanks for visiting!

Style ALIEN *_*


  1. I like the colors and print on the tunic :)

    xoxo Gozika