Summer In Manhattan

Blue and White Striped Top- Vintage 
Teen Dream Denim Jumper- Nasty Gal
Shoes- UNIF Das Boots (Dolls Kill)
Sunglasses- Zero UV

The sun finally came out and I was so happy that it stopped raining so I decided to share a much more lighter palette than my usual dark looks. Different shades of blue has always sort of coincidentally been the colour I gravitate to most whenever I want a airy and fresh palette. I just love how well it seems to go together with different colours and it without a doubt a great palette to wear in the Summer. The top I'm wearing is actually one of my oldest tops and I have no idea how it got into my closet because I never bought it. However I've been wearing it a lot with loose high waisted shorts or with my light pink  circle skirt, which surprisingly I love the most so I'll be sure to share that look with you soon. I believe this is the first time I'm showing how I would style an overall and it's weird because I remember wearing a lot of overall growing up and now it a huge trend amongst bloggers to wear overalls with like different variations. I love how fashion is able to sort of recycle and evolve over the years. I went very "Bohemian Girl" meets "Grunge Emo Chick meets "Farm Girl who wears 6-inch heels?" hahaha, well I think that's what I love most about this look...it captures more than just one style. Hope your having a great day and thanks for visiting! Lots more looks coming this week.

Style ALIEN *_*

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