To The Ancient Stories That Were Told

Tribal Inspired Top- Vintage
Sheer Long Sleeved Blouse- Forever 21
Shoes- T.U.K Creepers (Journeys)
Sunglasses- Ebay

This is a look I wore sometime last week after my internship and I was lucky enough to snap a few photos just before the rain came rushing down. It sort of a preppy / school girl look which is what I like so much about it. I remember not knowing what the heck to wear that day and I made eye contact with this tribal top that I got from my mother about a year ago and then because of the rain, I decided to layer it with something that had sleeves but still wouldn't make me hot because the weather was so unpredictable. I love layering pieces mainly because it adds depth to an outfit and forms a more interesting look. I don't know why I had stopped layering because back when I was living in Jamaica, I would layer ALL the time, even when it was 100 degrees. I think I'll start to layer more but not that often as I usually would because I feel like my personal style has been moving into another direction which I really love so I'm gonna try the whole layer look but with a more "Modern Me" approach. Anyways, I have to head out for my internship right now so see you tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.

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