Walking In A Dream

Pullover Sweater- H&M
Shoes- Solestruck

Feel like it's been forever since my last post, I'm 100% back from my blogging break and what better way to start of fresh on Monday in my cozy knitwear. The pullover sweater that I'm wearing, is one that I had a really long time ago and it reappeared in my closet a few days ago so I decided to wear it for this super windy day in New York. I wore a chunky knit cardigan for extra layer and thanks to my sister, because it's one of my top five closet favs at the moment. I would have never really thought that this shade of green would work so well, especially when worn with little gold accents. This look is pretty much great for days when all you want to do is be comfy...for me, it was way to cold to go outside so I just lounged around my apartment for most of the day. 
I started my four semester at F.I.T today, feel kind of good to be back to the busy pace and doing what I love. It's going to be one hectic semester but I'll make it work. I have a jewelry post coming up later this week so be sure to check that out! and thanks to everyone who's been support this blog, it truly means a lot to me.

Style ALIEN *_*

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