Code Blue

High Neck Crop Top- American Apparel
Full Moon Sheer High Low Top- Forever 21
Ombre Skorts- Designed and Created by me
Creepers- T.U.K
Rainbow Tatto Choker and Anklet- The Cobra Shop

After days of not being able to post regularly because of finals, I'm really happy to share a design of my own for the first time on the blog. I created this ombre skorts with a knit detail, for one of my final project and I'm so happy with the way it came out. I also made a futuristic inspired jacket to go with it but it was wayy too hot for me to wear that so I thought I'd just go ahead and style the skorts since it's something I'm wanted to buy for so long but couldn't find the perfect one to fit my style. Incase you haven't noticed already, I have been having a slight obsession with styling blue shades with black and I don't quite know how this obsession developed but I just go with it because I just really love the combination especially when it's like the combination I have going on in this post. I haven't had a chance of sharing this amazing! printed sheer top that I picked up a couple months ago and have been styling alot with high waisted shorts and sheer stockings and platforms. However, it is literally mind blowing how beautiful this top photographs well and is also very cool in person. I made sure to accessorized most of my jewelry on my arm mainly because I haven't been able to take off my tattoo chokers, so I just throw everything on my hands for arm candy. I hope you like this post as much I do and have a great weekend!

Style ALIEN *_*


  1. That Full Moon Top is EVERYTHING!!
    Great look!

  2. Love the skort!!!!


  3. thank you! Ive been wanting one for so long so I just made it to suit my taste instead