True Blue

I almost never wear jeans so it's super weird seeing myself in them. These are the one and only pair of jeans I currently own…reason being, I can never really find a pair of jeans that either doesn't itch my skin or the fit is probably horrible due to my short torso. 

Top- Similar
Boots- UNIF Lost Sole Boots
Sunglasses- Thrift

The fit of these jeans aren't entirely perfect on me, the waist was a little bit big for me so I had to wear a belt to snatch that waist up hahaha. I got these from American Apparel about a few days ago and never really thought I'd like it until I tried it on as a joke and ironically ended up liking them. They're like mom jeans and I'll definitely be wearing them for the rest of what's left of the Summer. 

I knew for sure how I wanted to style these jeans the moment I got them…it would have to be a simple attire with a cropped top and the perfect platform boots. For this look, I decided to throw on my deep blue velvet top with a sort of all blue attire in complimentary shades and with an addition of gold accessories my outfit was pretty much complete for a day of taking my niece around the city since she's visiting New York for the first time. 

Style Alien *_*

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