We'll Sleep Until The Sun Goes Down

Introducing a vey different colour combination that I've never really tried before. It took me awhile to get out of my usual all black combination and don't get me wrong, I still love a good all black attire. However, for the summer I'm trying to experiment with different colours (nothing too crazy) but just enough to bring somethign new to the table.

I'm obsessed with turquoise jewelry and this one that I'm wearing was bought back when I lived in Jamaica...I definitely cannot wait to go back and find some new unique handmade pieces. The belt I'm wearing is actually a vintage belt with turquoise stones embedded into golden melt...very cool concept, thank to my mother (I love raiding her closet).

Skirt- Similar
Boots- Zara
Fringe Kimono- Similar or here
Necklace- bought in Jamaica
Belt- Vintage
Hat- Similar

I still feel a little weirded out wearing a bralette top...I have no clue why, maybe because I'm not quite use to showing so much skin so that's why the kimono came in great handy to make me feel a little more comfortable. I've had this top in my closet for the longest time and was so hesitant to actually wearing outside but a fostered up the courage and paired it with the cutest floral mini skirt. What makes the Summer season so fun is the fact that you can be creative with colour combinations and step a little out of your comfort zone..for me, it was super hot on this day and my option was to either wear the outfit in this post or a very loose fitting lightweight dress (something I've been wearing almost everyday). I love that the look has such a bohemian quality and isn't too serious but a fun daytime look. 

Style ALIEN *_*

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  1. I like this look! especially the skirt, it's gorgeous! And the belt, raiding closets is the best.