Top- Vintage
Flared Skirt- Romwe
Hat- Zara
Boots- H&M

Possibly the worst day to wear a mini flared skirt and a hat. It was super windy when I wore this look, not to mention cold! and typical me decided to shoot on the rooftop of my apartment. This look is pretty much what I'd wear on a normal day around the city and there's no going wrong when it really comes to wearing black and white. Technically, I was wearing my thick woolen coat over this look since it was so cold and my skirt was pretty much flying everywhere. I usually like to go for very feminine rocker-esque looks, where I can pair my moto jackets with a girly touch of something as simple as the super flared babydoll skirt because it makes a look ten times more fun and is a perfect look for both day and night time. To make this look a lot more casual, I went with wearing my lace-up combat boots  with cute checkered hosiery that you can get pretty much get in any clothing store, like forever 21 or even ebay. Anyways, I had a well rested weekend and I think I'm ready to tackle this week. All the best to you all!

Style ALIEN *_*

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