Shoe Lust

From left to right: Amaya by Miista , Fowley by Jeffrey Campbell , Colbalt Blue Velvet Creepers by T.U.K , Amaya in wild orange by Miista , Lost Sole Boot by UNIF , Buckled In by Irregular Choice , Scully Platform by Jeffrey Campbell , Leather Platform Shoes by Choies

So I thought it would be nice that for today, I share a collection of shoes that I've been eying for quite sometime. I love chunky boots and shoes that has some type of unique quality to it so I'm always on the look for unique shoe designs on the market. I've also been very fond of shoes with prints on it especially the collection of rose print shoes that Miista has produced recently! I mean...it's amazing 10x and the lucid heels just make them even more perfection. I know the odd one out of this "shoe drool collection is the Colbalt Blue creepers and that's really because I do need a new creeper because the black one I current have strangely got too big for my feet plus its not velvet! hahaha. I'm really just waiting on the black friday sale so I can scoop some of these up because at fully price, all of these shoes are basically my month rent here in New York..no joke. I probably just get two out of all of these, possibly one of the Amayas (I'm leaning towards getting in the black rose) and the Lost Sole boots (this may seem like an odd choice but I've been wanting these wayy before any of these shoes). Let me know what you think in the comments down below and have a happy Friday.

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