Dirty Little Secrets

Sharing a grey palette with silver accents from my jewelry

Dress- Evil Twin from Urban Outfitters
Shoes- UNIF Grail Platforms from Dolls Kill

You all are probably tired of seeing me in this color palette by now, and I will say I have  been so lazy these past few days... so anything that I can slip on quickly to rush to my classes I'm prettty much down for it and for some reason I always grab for the greyscale colors. In this post, I'm wearing this really cute dress from Evil Twin that has this slightly ragged look to it mainly because of its charcoal grey color, and the fact that it fits me like a little oversized dress. I thought of pairing this dress with a leather sleeveless vest but later on decided that it would possibly clash with the intricate texture of the dress  so, I opted for a chunky necklace to sit right on top of that rounded neckline. It was pretty winding when I wore this dress so I wore it with a thick dark stockings, which is perfect for days when it gets a little chilly and you don't want to wear pants. I finished off the look by adding some UNIF to the mix with my grail platforms that added some extra spice to the overall look. Tomorrow's my birthday and I couldn't be anymore excited for it to come, so if you want to get updates on what I'll be doing or wearing you can follow me on Instagram @marfarlane


  1. I love your style. Def. a lot of things that I would wear.
    Don't let me start on your hair <3

    Follow you
    Lalaine Adanna