Burnout Velvet

Graphic Tee- Zara
Shorts- Thrift
Burnout Velvet Kimono- Vintage

There's something about burnout velvet that makes me feel warm and fussy inside but I can't seem to quite put my finger on what it specifically. So, if you've been following my blog, from past posts I've shared a lot of combination velvet looks mainly because I'm obsessed with anything velvet so naturally,  I went into this vintage boutique here in Manhattan and instantly fell in love with this lovely black burnout velvet kimono. I feel like a piece such as this is so rare to find and the quality is amazing. This look could have easily turned into an all white look with touches of grey however, I incorporated this kimono into the mix to add texture and slight volume... plus, it was a little chilly. This look is a pretty easy going/casual attire that's great for going pretty much going anywhere except a catholic church..ha. What better way to accessorize than to wear my vintage necklace that I've own for ages now and still manage to have it in good condition after all these years...sadly I have no idea where or how I got it, but it's definitely a great statement piece.

Style ALIEN *_*

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