Your Love Is Like Ice

Dress worn as skirt- Thrift
Top- Thrift
Vest- Thrift

For today's look, I went with black on black with silver accents through the use of my accessories. This fall weather is literally making me want to just wear all black everyday without hesitation but I won't lie...I actually love it! I love how wearing all black is always very slimming and can instantly make a look more classy and mysterious. Surprizingly, most of the pieces I thifted a long time ago but never thought of pairing them together before until now. I managed to capture like a dark witchy vibe to this look especially with the creepy rusted owl necklace, along with all the head to toe all black combination. I also recently found an old jewelry box filled with load of jewelry that I've owned from at least five years ago. I got so excited because some of the pieces I had thought I had lost forever but thankfully I found them so I'm definitely gonna be incorporating them in my looks (the owl necklace was apart of the others that I found). Funny enough, I had three layers on and I was still feeling really cold that day because for some reason it was extra windy so, I had later added my black biker jacket which gave the look even more depth. I hope you guys had a great weekend and stay tuned for a lot more coming up this week on my blog.

Style ALIEN *_*

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