Shuffled Boundaries

I'm so happy the weather in New York has gotten cool enough for me to wear my biker jackets again. Oh, how I've missed them. 

Biker Jackets- Vintage

Growing up in the Caribbean, I was always so restricted to dressing for one season since it was always so hot there, ps: I didn't mind. However, I love that with the constant change of seasons in NY I'm able to switch around my closet twice a year and for me,variety is the spice of life.
It has been literally extremely hectic with school assignments which is why I have been slowly changing out my summer items into fall/winter essentials to tackle New York's annoyingly irresolute weather. 

For this look, I wanted to channel my usual go-to move of wearing black and white mainly because I felt super lazy to tie together a color palette that could fit the present mood I was in…plus, I couldn't quite resist wearing this cute little gradient number. Though I didn't get an actual shot of it, I layered this mini dress with a white cap sleeved sweater top, both for warmth and to add a bit of depth to the look.

I'm pretty excited to see what kind of looks this season will pull out of me, since I can get a lot more creative with layering.

Style ALIEN *_*

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